Jozankei, just an hour drive from the Sapporo area, is famous for its hot spring, but that's not it. Here are the three things you don't want to miss out. 

: Autumn Leaves

Jozankei is known for one of Hokkaido's best autumn leaves spots. Particularly Futami suspension bridge and Maizuru-no-toro along Toyohira river are well known for the best views. The bright color leaves around the quiet flow of the river makes you feel peaceful yet energetic for sure. You can also check out what's called 'Kappa Buchi" where 'Kappa' was said to appear around in an old story telling. The best time to come visit is mid-October. Please make sure to plan in advance as it often gets very crowded around that time.

Within the Jozankei area, there is a bus called 'Koyo Kappa Bus' that goes through all the famous spots. As you will have a bus guide with you, there is no doubt you will enjoy the most out of it on this bus tour. I personally have never taken this bus tour yet, but next time for sure I will and am thinking about going for a kayak trip on the river to have the best view of the leaves!


:Jozankei Farm 

Jozankei farm is a 21 hectares (52 acres) worth of fruit themed park. From June to November, you can enjoy picking strawberry, cherry, grape, pear, and so much more that are exceptionally sweet and juicy as they grow at such a high altitude with large temperature gap between hot and cold.

Of course, you can also enjoy vegetable picking, fishing, tree trekking, jam making, pizza making... just so many that you may not be able to do all!During wintertime, you can use this huge land to enjoy skiing and tube sliding. Jozankei farm has a great burger shop and cafe called 'Air Stream'. During holiday season or summer vacation, they run a food truck that move around the farm. Do not miss their burger with their signature fruit sauce! Now that you read all these, you don't have any reasons not to visit the Jozankei farm with your friends or family and enjoy the activities. Highly recommended!


: Powder snow at Jozankei Kogen Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort 

If you enjoy either skiing or snowboarding, you know what a good powder snow can offer to you. Hokkaido has one of the best powder snows in japan, and especially Jozankei Kogen Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort is famous for the quality and quantity of snow, yet just an hour drive from the main Sapporo area and just half an hour drive from Jozankei hot spring resort.

They have total 7 different courses that fit everyone from beginners to experts, and even have a snow park for sledding and tube sliding for your family. Now that they've installed an all-new fast lift that can carry up to 4 people at once, they are getting even more popular and exciting!

【IMG】Autumn Leaves

IMG】Jozankei Farm

IMG】Jozankei Kogen Sapporo Kokusai Ski Resort