Akan Mashu National Park, best known for their marimo, now has its hottest event called 'KAMUY LUMINA'. Having been open only since July 2019, they are already very popular for the spiritual experience you can have around Lake Akan decorated with digital arts that are based on the story of Ainu tribe.


Actually, this is the very first attempt in the world to offer a night walk in a national park, and with the help of Canadian multi-media entertainment company 'MOMENT FACTORY', the director of Cirque du Soleil, the quality of this night walk is clearly on the next level.Here we would like to present to you a little bit about 'KAMUY LUMINA'.



With an owl's call, into the world of the Ainu's god, Kamuy…

The story behind the night walk is a story of owl and jay. To talk to Kamuy who is upset about the selfish act of human being, the owl, the guardian deity of the village, heads towards the world of god with jay.


With 'rhythm stick' which becomes important later in the story, they soared to the Akan forest. The rhythm stick helps shine some light on to the path they fly above...


It is quite thrilling to actually walk in the dark and quiet forest! Even a subtle noise makes you feel a bit scared. The night walk experience is entirely unique and abnormal. 
The digital art projected onto the forest and the lake is absolutely stunning to watch.

The nature just stays there looking beautiful as always, but the projection changes as the story moves on, and how they create this unique atmosphere leaves most us speechless.


 In this night walk, owl and jay serves as your virtual tour guide, and you can enjoy their conversation as the story goes on. Also, you will meet other animals like deer and bird, and even the Ainu dwarf ‘Korpokkur'. After enjoying the night walk with all 5 senses, I almost felt like I was in the story of Ainu.

All projection mapping was stunning, while the scene where Kamuy gets angry was the best. As his anger explodes, a mixture of mud and water called 'Bokke' splashes from the ground all the sudden. I got a goose bump at this moment! It was also really interesting to see the lake changing its appearance scene by scene, and the sound effect was so powerful like the ones in movie theater.... The natural smell of sulfur around the lake also made the entire atmosphere even thriller and more exciting.


Sometimes there were scenes where we got to involve in the story by playing some rhythm with our rhythm stick, and that was really fun.


After an hour or so, the night walk was over. I was a bit emotional by the ending of the story. The fact that I was actually walking in the natural forest made me get so deep into the story that I could not get out of it even after the walk was over. 'KAMUY LUMINA' was such a wonderful event. I enjoyed a lot.