An interactive zoo where you can interact with animals
Come in contact with a variety of animals! “Big snake around your neck” experience is also very popular! There are tons of activities here, such as as amphibious vehicles and Segway rides. A zoo with a lot of fun.


Contents: North Safari Sapporo, dangerous forest pass (includes with ¥500 worth of premium experience)


What is premium experience?

Direct feeding to a lion for example, and so many more thrilling experiences at North Safari Sapporo!

Feed a lemur catta ¥300

Direct feed a lion ¥500 (you can touch its paws with additional ¥200)

Hold a fox in your arm ¥500 and more.

For more information please check the link below.

*You won't be able to interact with animals if they are in any conditions that may cause issues.

*You will not receive any money back even if you pick a premium experience that is worth less than ¥500.

Price: ¥2,000 (¥1,000 for children)


Ticket expiration date: November 30

 Please contact us for more details.

【North Safari Sapporo】